Grants and Incentives @ Seedscout

Grants and Incentives @ Seedscout

Here at Seedscout, we believe the future pre-seed isn’t investing but giving out grants. We’ve given out $20,000+ in equity free grants up to this point and we are just getting started but I wanted to introduce some ground rules before we run out of money 😂

What is an incentive? What is a grant?

Grants and incentives are different. Incentives are open to anyone and everyone who falls into the category of that specific incentive. Grants are open to anyone but must be won/earned, meaning no one is ever entitled to a grant.

An example of an incentive —> If you sign up for pro and make an intro request, you get $100 venmo’d to you.

An example of a grant —> The prize at a virtual poker night or for a Twitter giveaway

How Does One Get an Incentive or Grant?


The current incentive we are offering is when someone become a pro member and requests an intro within a week of joining pro, we give them $50-$150, depending on their account type.


Grants are on a one-off basis. If you win a prize, competitive, or race, you are entitled to a grant. Seedscout is always able to revoke your grant if we feel like the amount would endganger Seedscout’s cash position, but you are always able to request your grant at another time and we will oblige if able.

Current Limits


  1. Founders can get up to $50 in total
  2. Job Seekers can get up to $100 in total
  3. Investors can get up to $150 in total


We are able to give out the amount of grants that equals last months revenue. If we go over this amount of grant funding, we must wait until our revenue level equals out the grants given out before issuing more.

The limits can and will change as our cash position changes, and we will update this blog post when they do.

Last updated on February 5th, 2022