Asks @ Seedscout

There are a lot of founders in our network that want different things. Some want to raise capital. Some want mentorship. Some want customer introductions. But on our end, it is very hard to track who wants want, and who are we willing to spend our social capital on vs. not. Due to this, we are implementing a system that makes it very easy for us to help you get you what you want (or let you know why we can't help you yet). Introducing

If you want anything from Seedscout that is related to us introducing you to someone else, this is what we call an "ask". To help us organize all of your asks to different people, we are going to ask you to format them in through a Three Bullet Forwardable Intro Email. You can learn why we prefer this format here. I strongly encourage you read both of those links.

If you want to meet write a specific forwardable intro email to meet that person OR you write a generic forwardable email we can forward to anyone. Please use the format linked above. Once you have your email ready, please send it to This will go to our team and we will either forward the email to the intended recipient or tell you we can't help with this ask, with a reason. If the recipient opts into being introduced to you, we'll make an intro.

Note, this is also applicable to meeting Mat Sherman, the founder of Seedscout, or anyone on the Seedcout team. Send a forwardable intro and someone on our team can forward to the desired recipient.

Questions? Email