Requesting Introductions Via Seedscout

Requesting Introductions Via Seedscout

Hello, Seedscout Pro Member! If you’re reading this, you may be wondering how intro requests work at Seedscout. Intros are a core driver of what we do here. It’s the primary KPI we track internally and we truly want to make as many intros as we can for Seedscout Pro members. With that said, as you can probably imagine, this is a nuanced business so we do have some ground rules you need to understand if you’re going to request intros through Seedscout.

There’s an Expected Etiquette

If you’re requesting an intro to anyone on the Seedscout platform, we expect you to act like a professional. We’re letting you use our social capital to get access to someone you don’t currently have access to. In exchange, acting like a professional makes you look good and it also makes us look good. Word gets around quickly either way. If we hear you’re disrespectful to an intro we made for you, we reserve the right to cancel your payment and remove you from Pro status.

How To Act Like A Professional

Use The Three Bullet Forwardable Intro Email

Request intros using the Seedscout Three Bullet format. For founders, you can see an exact example here. For investors and job seekers, the three bullet forwardable intro is essentially you requesting an intro to someone, providing three bullets about you that they can scan, and then making the specific ask at the end of the email. A simple example for each can be founder below.

Hey Seedscout,

I would love an intro to Susan Johnson to potentially work for her company, Schmooze. More info on me below:

  • I got 3.9 GPA while attending Harvard
  • I started a startup and got microaquired, which taught me a lot about business
  • I am fluent in Powerpoint and Indesign

You can find my LinkedIn here and Resume attached.


Hey Seedscout,

I would love an intro to Johnny Lee, the founder of MasterSaaS. I am interested in potentially investing. More info on me below:

  • I am founder and GP of (amazing VC firm)
  • I was the first check into XYZ and am prepared to do it again.
  • My average check size is XYZ and i’m interested in this amount for Master SaaS because

You can learn more about me here and here.


Double Opt In & Reserving Right to Reject an Intro

We operate on a strict double opt in intro. You can request an intro to anyone, but they must accept the introduction request before we connect you to them. We also reserve the right to not forward an intro if we believe it is out of the interest realm of the person you want to meet.  This is social capital 101, and if you don’t know why things work this way, we suggest reading this post from Alex Danco to introduce yourself to this world.

AFTER You Get An Intro To An Investor

Once you get an intro to an investor, don’t lose your cool. You still need to act like a professional through the meeting. Read this post to understand how to manage the social capital rules of how things work AFTER you are introduced.

Intro Limits

Our intro limits are implicit. This means you can request a few intros one day but you probably shouldn’t request 100. So what’s the limit? That’s for you to decide. There isn’t a hard number in the real world so we don’t have a hard number in Seedscout. Just don’t take advantage of us and read the room if none of the intros are hitting. Maybe it’s worth asking why. Seedscout reserves the right to pause your intros at any point, for your benefit.

For Pro Members Only…But There Are Exceptions

Right now, we will only make intro requests if you are a Seedscout Pro member. With that said, we 100% reserve the right to make intros for non Seedscout pro members if we have a relationship with them outside the scope of Seedscout. But these people are usually friends for years. If we haven’t met before, your best bet is to become a pro member and get access to intros. Don’t try to cheat the system.

Don’t Make Our Life Harder

Lastly, we’ve been working on connecting founders, investors, and job seekers for over two years now. This will be something we work on for a decade or longer. If we didn’t have your best interests in mind already, we would be out of the game. So please, if we shut off your intros, give you feedback, or tell you there’s something we can’t introduce you to, do not make our life harder. There are reasons we make these decisions, and many times, you may not understand them. But if you make our life hard because of it, we reserve the right to remove your pro status.

Ok, that’s it! Ready to request intros? —> Start sending a forwardable intro emails to and let’s connect you to our network :)